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In crypto for 3 years, somewhere in south of France. Former airdrop & bounty hunter, than shitcoin masternodes farmer. My UOS Block Producer node is 1bitcointalk, feel free to vote for it :)

Didn't know users can spam your profile page and you can't delete posts. Sounds bad, please fix this!
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Happy Easter weekend! Spend some good time with your family if you can ;)
Nice giveaway from @iamredbar123, with a 400 UOS prize (prize has been doubled), don't miss it! :)
a year ago
I've just created the Crypto contest community: https://u.community/communities/119 Do not hesitate to post great crypto contests you are aware of.
Kirill R°
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a year ago
My "1bitcointalk" Block Producer Node is up! You can cast you vote for it here: https://u.community/governance Thanks ;)
Ake Gaviar
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a year ago
12 105°
This is cool. Couldn't bother with setting up a node myself, but voted for you! Also I guess start your own community now too, and I'll join.
a year ago
I wish I had some orders in for Waves! Mistakes like that are expensive for the person who did it, but very valuable to those who are able to capitalize on it.
a year ago