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We travel the world 91 Days at a time and have been on the road now for over 9 years. We just got back from Ghana which is our 20th location we traveled this way.

Difficult situation since the country needs water and thus a dam, and also needs power which can come from a hydro-electric plant at a dam. There must be safe ways to build a healthy dam.
12 hours ago
The problem is, that almost zero goes into the electricity network of Ghana!!! :(
6 hours ago
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Kirill R°
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hooray! you're back!)
3 days ago
Awesome team , UOS network has a bright future ahead
a day ago
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That's great Jürgen! Yet another thing that wine is good for :) Love the rawness, spontaneity and the overall feeling of the video. You should invite her here on U°Community. It looks she has an interesting personality.
25 days ago
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Its amazing! Thank you! Yes, this problem is particularly big in the US...and it broke my heart too when I was living in LA...
24 days ago
Great video and a good story about it. Thanks Jürgen!
22 days ago
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Awesome views!
2 months ago
Wonderful, thank you.
2 months ago
What an honor to see our post on the front page .. A big thank you to the entire community!
2 months ago
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