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i a m r e d b a r made an update 11 hours ago
Looks like we are in for a ride!
i a m r e d b a r made an update 8 days ago
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I submitted a request at Bitforex and asked if they already have an idea when the OUS Network token swap is planned. There answer: "No update info yet, pls kindly send link where you got that information for further checking." Apparently they don't trust me that much, but I guess that's standard procedure:) So, yes: wait and be patient is the message here. #uos #tokenswap #bitforex Photo by more
i a m r e d b a r made an update a month ago
Great news, many thanks. Let me place my votes and help to secure the blockchain, our foundation upon which UOS rests.
a month ago
I see you already have 2 votes for iamredbar1bp. Do you prefer this one, or it's better to cast my vote for iamredbar123?
a month ago
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I've voted but it's not showing any votes
a month ago
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I tried this awesome wallet feature. I will vote you for block producer for sure once this feature is live.
a month ago
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Brilliant article
a month ago
This is a valuable step forward. However all the UOS I had staked before mainnet is gone, so I presume it was practice UOS, not real. My stake seems to be zero. Bit of a let down. I worked hard posting, thinking I was supporting UCommuntiy and building my personal stake. From 50k to 26UOS is disappointing.
a month ago