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Here are a few more pictures. These ones show the same kind of varying amounts that have been purchased for the past couple months. They are always in groups and are 99% of the time buys.
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I was expecting to see more posts on here, especially since a lot of the world is on lockdown right now.
Well, there are just not many people who know about this platform. I also have to say that a certain pattern always comes back. Easy questions are still answered. More difficult questions (how about further promotion, future 2020 goals, etc.) are always followed by absolute silence. That does not bode well for the future. Too bad, I still believe in the core idea of ​​UOS Network. I just follow my intuition, so of course I can be wrong, but in this way, things can go downhill pretty quickly.
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Pls don't buy out all the swag with your billions ;)
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Looks like we are in for a ride!
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I submitted a request at Bitforex and asked if they already have an idea when the OUS Network token swap is planned. There answer: "No update info yet, pls kindly send link where you got that information for further checking." Apparently they don't trust me that much, but I guess that's standard procedure:) So, yes: wait and be patient is the message here. #uos #tokenswap #bitforex Photo by more