Albert Friedman
Created 7 Mar 2019

Journalist Writing about world economy Analyzing trends

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I prefer digital payment solutions, but the problem with credit/debit cards for me is I always feel that I'm monitored, spied on. I'd really love to see countries like Venezuela to show people that it's really easy to adopt crypto payments in everyday life, given there's support from companies willing and able to provide infrastructure for that. It's happening right now, by the way - https://ethereumworldnews.com/cryptobuyer-atms-sell-dash-with-zero-fees-teaming-up-with-major-dash-friendly-venezuelan-chain-store/ .
a year ago
Bocah Krypto
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I think soon cash will limited
a year ago
Nigeria is pretty much cash free thanks to the mobile phone money they have. When we were in Ghana we also saw a bug push for mobile money but people mostly still used cash mostly.
a year ago
Will Bitcoin ever be mainstream money? Comment here: https://u.community/posts/4559