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Consciousness awakening via yoga and other shamanic practices as taught in the Vedas and other Mystery Traditions.
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Independant, self-employed, free-lance writer and student of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Astrology consultant, trained in psychology, Vedanta philosophy, vegetarian.

3 hours ago
Here is the BTC weekly price chart in log scale with halving dates:
10 days ago
It was very interesting to read your story! You need to write a book about yourself, because I think you can share much more information that will be useful to many. I have never met a person who almost all his life was engaged in yoga and ate only the right food. The story of your service in the army is also very interesting, although not simple
13 days ago
I watched this film in Russian, whether it is translated into English or not, I do not know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQ2rhZ-3ZTo
13 days ago
Nice pic 👍😊😊👌
13 days ago
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Well, Russians happily sold stuff to Hitler until June 1941 helping him to oil his war machinery and they co-operated very closely in 1939 while attacking Poland, so the history is not black and white as you would like it to be. And the Checkpoint Charlie in the picture! Mate, I have seen the fucking Wall in operation and it wasn't built by Americans or Jews but by local Soviet puppets to keep their own citizens in and they were shooting people trying to get out from that fucking "workers paradise", so those views you present are very one-sided!
16 days ago
Hey there U Community, UOS token holders, watch this space - live launch coming soon, taking us to the moon. Get your space suits ready cosmonauts. We might see Yuri Gagarin up there, and Laika the dog.
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