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7 hours ago
Will Bitcoin ever be mainstream money? Comment here: https://u.community/posts/4559
I totally agree with you. Many people are "wasting" their lives chasing the wealth, money, fame, etc. and forget about the meaning of it.. they are running and running without a possibility to create a balance within themselves. I am glad I was very young when I understood the importance of having a great balance between becoming financially independent and connected to nature :) Thank you for sharing such an outstanding content!
10 days ago
Amazing isn't it. Yet with all that money they have, it has no value without balance.
10 days ago
@julianhorack Wise post. With my first hoarded wealth, I have been traveling for a year. Meanwhile, it has been six years since. It felt so liberating. Everything seemed balanced. I have to admit that today that balance seems to be missing. It is as if I am possessed by the entire crypto world. As if I'm gambling with play money. It doesn't seem real. I realise this is a dangerous mindset. It is considered liberating technology, but at the moment it doesn't feel that way to me at all. But that's more my fault :)
10 days ago

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20 Feb 2019