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Independant, self-employed, free-lance writer and student of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Astrology consultant, trained in psychology, Vedanta philosophy, vegetarian.

I really didn't know this. Interesting to read. The time of promises seems to be over. And I think in the meantime most people realize that blockchain technology will not change every sector thoroughly, simply because the technology is not always useful or needed. Blockchain technology has proven its worth in a world where parties , that do not necessarily trust each other, do business. In the coming period, there will be countless examples of blockchain applications in which different parties in a sector or industry work together. Most will do that because they see the benefits in terms of standardization, automation, streamlining processes and reducing costs. Purchasing all kinds of tickets is a great example of this. The tickets are registered on the blockchain and are connected to visitors' smartphones, making fraud impossible. You also have complete control over your sale. You know exactly what happens to your tickets - and in whose hands they are. The technology makes it also possible to sell tickets in a protected way. Good move UEFA.
2 hours ago
Very intriguing. Looking forward to the video clips.
6 days ago
good story/post thanks for sharing
2 days ago
Hey there UCommunity forgive my brief absence, it's summer here and I have been outdoors exploring the terrain.
Summer is the perfect time to explore. Enjoy!
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Welcome back!
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Lucky you :-)
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Crypto payment social media is the way of the future. UCommunity is leading the way....quietly.
very quietly at the moment :) A little promotion wouldn't hurt.
19 days ago
It is always hard to say what causes price fluctuations. I am guessing it has to do with rumors of war like you said. It is sad if that is the case, because I do not like war either.
a month ago
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Actually, I think it's happening because of many perpetual contract trading competitions going now. I was participating too and saw personally how the market was just crazy with pumping and dumping
a month ago
good post ,I think i read it some where that this recent pump was a test from the "elites" to see if they could could semi control the market . take some profits , but not sure how true that is ... I believe Geo-social/political/environment events cause market movements... Thanks for post
14 days ago