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Independant, self-employed, free-lance writer and student of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Astrology consultant, trained in psychology, Vedanta philosophy, vegetarian.

Crypto payment social media is the way of the future. UCommunity is leading the way....quietly.
very quietly at the moment :) A little promotion wouldn't hurt.
an hour ago
It is always hard to say what causes price fluctuations. I am guessing it has to do with rumors of war like you said. It is sad if that is the case, because I do not like war either.
3 hours ago
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Actually, I think it's happening because of many perpetual contract trading competitions going now. I was participating too and saw personally how the market was just crazy with pumping and dumping
6 minutes ago
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Well, if all those "non-existent" assets were settled then we would have financial Armageddon and the whole system would collapse. But I am personally in favour of prohibiting all trades in non-existent assets - i.e. you sell only what you have and you buy only with the cash you have. No futures, options and all this derivatives crap, as this has nothing to do with free market principles and defies common sense. After all if you have no potatoes you can't cook and eat them, right? So why the hell are you allowed to sell something you don't own/have?
2 days ago
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Wow, so cool! I can book a hotel even in my hometown by using crypto! I should definitaly use your invite link once I'm gonna do that. Thanks!!
12 minutes ago
Looks neat but I wonder about the final price - I would expect a very high markup on BTC or other crypto payments. The idea of using crypto for direct payments is cool but in practice this is not really working because of high volatility and exorbitant charges. Stable coins may do the trick though.
6 minutes ago
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Yeah, you have a point :)
4 hours ago
Happy 11th Birthday Bitcoin - Genesis block launch day Jan 3 2009. You've come a long way, and it's still early days, not even an adult yet. The future of Bitcoin is looking gigantic.
Happy U Year Community! Mainnet launch! Reasons to be cheerful part 2.
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U°OS Mainnet is live! (and a Happy New Year!) Congratulations, we've finally done it! U.community now operates on the mainnet. And the news are already spreading! https://u.today/udegos-network-blockchain-launches-mainnet-operations There is still one step remaining - token swap, which should happen somewhere in January, 2020. That depends on the exchange, so it would help us a ton if you more