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Consciousness awakening via yoga and other shamanic practices as taught in the Vedas and other Mystery Traditions.
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Independant, self-employed, free-lance writer and student of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Astrology consultant, trained in psychology, Vedanta philosophy, vegetarian.

hehe.....why should it also not take it serious. Just don't mind me, Lovely reads in there
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Thanks for this report! 🤝
20 hours ago
Great piece of information. Thanks for sharing
34 minutes ago
I will ignored. If email i will block and report as spam. 😁🙏
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ho ho hooo, another banging piece from you. I really love the meditation process.
3 days ago
good read thanks for article
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BTC take breath for while.. #uosdaily
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I really have nothing more to add. Again some really wise words.
8 days ago
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