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Consciousness awakening via yoga and other shamanic practices as taught in the Vedas and other Mystery Traditions.
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Independant, self-employed, free-lance writer and student of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Astrology consultant, trained in psychology, Vedanta philosophy, vegetarian.

Hey there U Community, UOS token holders, watch this space - live launch coming soon, taking us to the moon. Get your space suits ready cosmonauts. We might see Yuri Gagarin up there, and Laika the dog.
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Green Cat
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Hmmm... I like meat and I am not going to feel guilty about that nor I want to be "educated" in the manner you preach. You can't convert everybody to vegetarian faith in the same manner as you can't turn a cat into cauliflower eater ;-) Nevertheless, in a way, I sympathize with your views. But there has to be a balance, and I believe that there is place for vegetarians and meat-eaters in this world.
3 days ago
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What about cold blooded creatures? Like snakes, fish, lizards, shrimps, alligators or crocodiles? Some of them are quite tasty and get eaten as well, just the number is smaller. Do you want people to stop killing animals for meat? Then find a way of growing steaks on trees - if it tastes the same I would be the first one to turn vegetarian, but until then sorry mate, but I want to enjoy my medium-rare steak or grilled pork-chop from time to time ;)
3 days ago
I'm watching U guys. No bot business please. U do U and leave your bots at the door.
You have to admit, these bots have a sense of humor :)
8 days ago
This is kind of funny!
8 days ago
Hey UOS team transparency, original content and no gaming the system are healthy qualities for a genuine profile. Admin can you confirm that someone who posts 1 post every hour for hours on end, and gets 30 upvotes each all day long, is actually a legit profile. No profile pic. No comments on any of the posts. Never has UOS had so many upvotes for every single post every hour all day long. more
Agree #uosdaily
16 days ago
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Dont' think it's legit, our algo maker is checking the stats to pessimize those activities' importance! Thanks for the input!
16 days ago
15 days ago
Happy Diwali to all my friends #uosdaily #uoscommunity
16 days ago