Knowledge is the key to save the world
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We live in a time of paradoxes and extremes. A time in which media mainly pay attention to contradictions and conflict, while reality is often much more nuanced. Each question has multiple answers, each problem has multiple angles and each solution has multiple outcomes. I will try to highlight major personal and social issues from a surprising perspective. No pat answers, but hopefully some unexpected insights, new ideas and, especially, a lot of food for thought! Already thanks for stopping by!

Is that the transition to mainnet, sounds promising.
an hour ago
This is awesome to see! Finally they are getting the swap done.
2 hours ago
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Great news but would not it be better to have UOS listed against something "lighter" like ETH? BTC is very inconvenient especially if you want to trade small amounts.
3 hours ago
There seems to be a disconnect in the humans because they hear of the climate catastrophe and CO2 rise yet they still build SUVs and try to sell them. It would be simple to just end the petrol/gas car production, end oil drilling and introduce the clean alternative. But for some reason those with the power to make laws can't do it. It makes no sense to me.
8 minutes ago
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Found this site with online CO2 emission tracking and other features: https://www.windy.com/ And I also was watching a nice video with good explanations about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ga-RBuhcJ7w I agree with the following video, that this problem need more research and of course the extent of the problem depends on there you actually live. In some countries it may have even positive feedbacks. I hope those countries that suffers the most of global warming will find great solutions to the problem and use it for their own development
7 hours ago
20 minutes ago
We will have to concentrate on what the computer cannot do... you are bloody right! Like partying, drinking and having fun ;-) Mind you, as long as there are any humans left there would be jobs for undertakers.
11 days ago
Tokenomics and the tokenization of everything including gaming as a lifestyle will keep everyone fed... along with UBI perhaps?
7 days ago
I submitted a request at Bitforex and asked if they already have an idea when the OUS Network token swap is planned. There answer: "No update info yet, pls kindly send link where you got that information for further checking." Apparently they don't trust me that much, but I guess that's standard procedure:) So, yes: wait and be patient is the message here. #uos #tokenswap #bitforex Photo by more
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Thanks for trying anyway =)
17 days ago
OUS? Is there a mistake or I've missed smth?
17 days ago
Neither wizards nor prophets - both seem to be dangerous enough ;-)
11 days ago
Yes humans have the unique ability for self-reflection and introspection, as well as the capacity to shift consciousness via the developed frontal lobes and pituitary/pineal interface as practiced by yogis, the best of humans.
7 days ago
What really happened during the Christmas Crypto-YouTube Purge? A lot of theories left and right when hundreds of cryptocurrency education videos were erroneously banned from YouTube. Crypto videos don’t make Youtube enough money, Google wants to break into the finance space and eliminate competition, etc. But what really happened? Shortly: 1. the algorithm has messed something up. 2. The more