Knowledge is the key to save the world
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We live in a time of paradoxes and extremes. A time in which media mainly pay attention to contradictions and conflict, while reality is often much more nuanced. Each question has multiple answers, each problem has multiple angles and each solution has multiple outcomes. I will try to highlight major personal and social issues from a surprising perspective. No pat answers, but hopefully some unexpected insights, new ideas and, especially, a lot of food for thought! Already thanks for stopping by!

I submitted a request at Bitforex and asked if they already have an idea when the OUS Network token swap is planned. There answer: "No update info yet, pls kindly send link where you got that information for further checking." Apparently they don't trust me that much, but I guess that's standard procedure:) So, yes: wait and be patient is the message here. #uos #tokenswap #bitforex Photo by more
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Thanks for trying anyway =)
5 hours ago
OUS? Is there a mistake or I've missed smth?
4 minutes ago
What really happened during the Christmas Crypto-YouTube Purge? A lot of theories left and right when hundreds of cryptocurrency education videos were erroneously banned from YouTube. Crypto videos don’t make Youtube enough money, Google wants to break into the finance space and eliminate competition, etc. But what really happened? Shortly: 1. the algorithm has messed something up. 2. The more
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Cool!! I've visited China once in a while and noticed, that Chinese people almost scared to death to speak about some topics (especially about the Taiwan problem and the Falun Gong. Hong Kong protests wasn't a thing at this time). But I really enjoyed my trip. People and the environment are gorgeous!
6 hours ago
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I have question, though. Do I need to have an ETH-wallet in order to play this game?
5 hours ago
Very interesting, I am intrigued as it combines gaming, crypto and politics all under the Ethereum smart contract theme.
7 minutes ago
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I think, in the future we will have many more G2G cryptocurrencies (government to government). But usual people and businesses will mostly use non-centralised currencies. Of course, governments (and especcially China) will force people to use government e-currencies
3 hours ago
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Beautifully written
14 days ago
It looks like the world is rushing around doing crisis management all the time now, since climate change became such an issue. But with all the running around and reporting and panels, there is little shift in the trajectory of carbon ppm, or anything else. Has a tipping point been reached? Or is the climate change scenario a scam to push carbon tax on all of us? Or is it a natural cyclic macro pattern on the planet?
13 days ago
I just found my way to the UOS Network Chat on Telegram. Super convenient. Any question or uncertainty related to the migration will certainly be answered there. I would say: join! --> t.me/ous_network_en #uos #ucommunity #telegram #migration