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We live in a time of paradoxes and extremes. A time in which media mainly pay attention to contradictions and conflict, while reality is often much more nuanced. Each question has multiple answers, each problem has multiple angles and each solution has multiple outcomes. I will try to highlight major personal and social issues from a surprising perspective. No pat answers, but hopefully some unexpected insights, new ideas and, especially, a lot of food for thought! Already thanks for stopping by!

How is the migration going guys? Eager for some news. #uos #mainnet
December is here and it's all happening on UCommunity for U and UOS and us. I was just wondering what happened to all the UOS i used to have in my wallet or staked for bandwidth or CPU. It has all vanished. It no longer shows in my wallet which is now empty of my past several months savings. Any ideas?
21 hours ago
https://mailchi.mp/49dfb53ecae6/debunking-the-binance-police-raids-with-osint?e=85dc31f7b7 Debunk #1: Did Binance have an office in Shanghai? Short answer: Yes, but it’s complicated. Debunk #2: Was there a police raid? The Shanghai office was not raided by the police, but, according to official state-run media, at the very least, a government authority, likely from the People’s Bank of China, more
Good to know, there is so much conflicting info on this story. I watched CZ give an interview after the event or non-event.
18 hours ago
Long ago that I was so impressed. This is incredible. What. An. ARTIST! Tash Sultana - "Murder to the mind" live in Mount Isa for triple j's One Night Stand. #music #artist #creativity
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Clever design.
15 days ago
Thanks again for another very informative post. Curious to see how America, China and Japan, the three top economies globally, as well as Russia, have all seen internet freedom decline.
21 days ago