Knowledge is the key to save the world
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We live in a time of paradoxes and extremes. A time in which media mainly pay attention to contradictions and conflict, while reality is often much more nuanced. Each question has multiple answers, each problem has multiple angles and each solution has multiple outcomes. I will try to highlight major personal and social issues from a surprising perspective. No pat answers, but hopefully some unexpected insights, new ideas and, especially, a lot of food for thought! Already thanks for stopping by!

Thanks again for another very informative post. Curious to see how America, China and Japan, the three top economies globally, as well as Russia, have all seen internet freedom decline.
10 hours ago
This is what I call a 'swimming pool price movement'. #uoschart #uos #blockfolio
Curious price volatility there for UOS.
a day ago
Very interesting and fascinating. What an appeal to my romantic notion of being a detective or researcher for truth in an attempt at serious investigative journalism.
6 days ago
Brilliant, well done sir. As a South African, who grew up during the Apartheid era here, I know first hand the crimes of such Apartheid governments like mine and Israel, and I will personally promote BDS until I die. Israel is a crime against humanity, and they rule America. The same Zionist criminals run the banks. The same Zionist scum killed the Romanovs, the last Russian Tsar and his family. The Bolshevik revolution including Lenin was Zionist plot comrades. They are a criminal state. Come find me Mossad, because I am your enemy, lifetime after lifetime, even if I have some Jewish ancestry - the irony. I will tell the world of the crime that is Israel with my last dying breath. I personally talked my way out of military conscription in my own Apartheid government during my youth, facing potential imprisonment for standing up against my Apartheid military government, so this is my personal fight for the oppressed in Palestine that continues. My government of South Africa supports the two state solution and virulently opposes the Israeli genocide and war crimes.
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What better way to understand this theme than to listen to the story of refugees themselves? This guy gets down to the heart of the matter. "We want to solve death And there is so much human suffering We haven't figured out life yet." #refugee #refugeeweek
It is actually a sad thought knowing where those rewards for top contributors will go to... And then I'm not even talking about the Importance rating. Is it too late to change the rules? 😁🤐 #uos #migration #mainnet #reward
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Actually, we've been waiting for those people to test our network since our beta was launched. I'm grateful they finally appeared, and did this before the mainnet. We've working on the algo right now to address those issues ;)
15 days ago
Sight has gone crazy lately with what seems to be fake accounts or bots. I guess by the shift in importance ranking numbers that you have made some adjustments of sorts. The feed for "trending" is still swamped by that wierd account that posts every hour and has now even more (50) upvotes per post in a day. Would you consider simply closing and baning such an account?
14 days ago
That's an interesting UOS Network chart. As you can see, some very strange price movements. Maybe it's due to the fact that A) this project is still in its infancy B) it's pure price manipulation C) lack of volume D) the coin is only available on two exchanges E) I really don't know what I'm talking about. There is nothing strange about this chart Anyway, nice to see a UOS Network ROI of more
@alluncovered soon moon, it's best time to fill bag 😍
16 days ago
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The chart on the Bitforex looks even stranger. I think all the four options from A-D are correct. Someone's definetly using bots for autotrades and micro-orders, especially on the pair uos/btc on p2pb2b and trying to arbitrage from p2pb2b market to Bitforex. I was buying on 460-490, then sold on 415-400 just to see what happens with orders and they were autorefilled (by the looks of it) on Bitforex. Also I've put buy order on 250 to see if the chart would be dumped so low and it was on the mark 256 today
16 days ago
What a wild ride at present. I can't blame the crafty traders for trying to squeeze as much profit from anywhere possible, by any means possible.
14 days ago
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This publication made me to rewatch the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uD4izuDMUQA
19 days ago
Good insight there, and now that you have given the bigger picture, your article has covered more or less.....everything. Good to know our place in the scheme of things.
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