Knowledge is the key to save the world
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We live in a time of paradoxes and extremes. A time in which media mainly pay attention to contradictions and conflict, while reality is often much more nuanced. Each question has multiple answers, each problem has multiple angles and each solution has multiple outcomes. I will try to highlight major personal and social issues from a surprising perspective. No pat answers, but hopefully some unexpected insights, new ideas and, especially, a lot of food for thought! Already thanks for stopping by!

Too bad there is never really made an official statement on the current situation of the platform. Now we are somewhere in between and no one really knows what's going on and where it may go from here. That ambiguity ensures that this project is heading for a slow death. It's a long shot, but if someone would say how matters really stand, some brave person maybe could save some of more
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Yeah, it's quite uncertain if there is the team still around or not. By looking to the old posts, there used to be more people back in the days
6 days ago
Funny. I keep staking although I realize my tokens will be here forever. The power of habits I guess... Stay safe everyone!
Kirill R°
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Who knows 🤷‍♀️ Everything is in our hands, I suppose
7 days ago
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I'm also doing that, haha xD
7 days ago
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Thx for the info
36 minutes ago
Good info
4 hours ago
This may also could start to a selection of society systems
2 months ago
This could lead to a global acceptance for surveillance.
2 months ago
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