John Sneisen
I help people understand Money and Economics to help them thrive in todays economy!

John is an economic analyst for World Alternative Media. WAM is a youtube news platform with Millions of viewers from countries all across the world. Here John interviews experts like Robert Kiyosaki and Rob Kirby and provides deep economic analysis behind the headlines. He also provides special reports on Policies and Economic Entities like Cashless Society, Special Drawing Rights, Exchange Stabilisation Fund, United Nations, Monetary History.

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Fed Madness or criminality...or both.
13 days ago
Interesting insight.
25 days ago
Will Bitcoin ever be mainstream money? Comment here: https://u.community/posts/4559
Have fun in ACA John.
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Yes, stay out of trouble. LOL
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I mean, do it voluntarily John, if you want to get in trouble a little, that is just fine LOL
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