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Works flawlessly!
22 days ago
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Actually, the country is so isolated and has very strict movement policy that it is like being in quarantine almost all the time. NK would deal better with any spreading disease, rather than with their own economy
2 months ago
3 months ago
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I think its better that migrating steemit to tron ecosystem is better. From past years, the price had been manipulated and set low by the greediness action of the big whale and flagging war.
3 months ago
I like to compare the Steemit platform with our society. It's packed with creative people with good intentions, but if you don't belong to some exclusive clique, nobody listens. Being the first doesn't necessarily mean being the best. Look at Yahoo or Altavista. Like you said, maybe now it's the perfect time to start promotion there :)
3 months ago
Looks like free money really - will definitely try that one, even just to see what it is about, although "investing" fiats in crypto without actually buying those cryptos sounds weird.
3 months ago
Very cool concept. And it does work with Revo so as long as you have Revo sterling account you can buy crypto easily.
3 months ago