Stephane Bisson
Contributing to the EOSIO ecosystem

Co-founder of EOS Nation and Leader of Ambassadors! Before the EOS launch in June 2018, I enjoyed activities such as : - snowboarding - rollerblading - hiking - camping - backcountry adventures

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10 months ago
12 203°
I wish I was in HK now :)
a year ago
Its actually in Shanghi!!
a year ago
Thanks for the support, Barry said you had fun at ACA. lol
a year ago
A frenchman on the water in Mexico? Of course he had fun!!
a year ago
LOL at these guys.
a year ago
I see you are back with a flurry of votes, thanks man!
a year ago
Yes, welcome back sir.
a year ago
like the pic of Wayne on the background:)
a year ago