Lars Kommienezuspadt
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Created 12 Feb 2020

Media Director for EOS Detroit. Prolific content creator and blogger on Steemit. Social blockchain optimist. Artist.

Glad to have you here Lars! I am sure you will fit right in. And of course, you should give me a follow ;) but others to check out are @alluncovered @treighc11111 @puppetmaster @spirinspirin @andrewufirst @julianhorack
a day ago
Hey there Lars, yes you are early so there are lots of snacks at the bar for you lol before the hordes arrive.
a day ago
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Welcome aboard :-) Tribalism? I have not noticed any. Not here. Been on Steem myself for a while. There you have tribalism of a sort which right now looks like nepotism to me. Here there is nothing like that and let's hope it will stay that way.
9 hours ago
Welcome to the party :)
Thanks, man! Just sniffing things out!
2 days ago