Based in Bali. Regenerative Gardener. Human potential addict. Food lover. In the cryptocurrency sphere: Ecosystem architect for the SEEEDS.io operating system - aimed at facilitating the creation of regenerative societies. In other spheres: Co-founder of OurNeighbourGood - a model for cooperative, value sharing and needs generating neighbourhoods. Co-founder of The HEART Collaborative - a non-profit filling the void of purpose that "coming to age" and other intentional rituals once filled in our human societies. Providing the space, time and facilitation for people to identify their passions and purpose.

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10 days ago
Barry Dutton
I noticed this near the end of your Steemit post on the series / subject here...... can you fill me in when you get a sec about what you said here about LIGHT? Thanks. Light This is part one of a series discussing a variety of crypto-economic systems designs and how these are implemented into an ecosystem called Light (which will be built on/with the EOS.IO software). Light has yet to be publicly announced. This is the first series mentioning this ecosystem. I am reaching out to the Steem and EOS communities for collaboration and co-creation. Light's goal is to create an economy that can bring forth a healthier paradigm (for ourselves and our planet). Follow Light Alchemists to be the first to see our official release.
16 days ago
Ervin Lemark
Dear Rieki, thank you very much for dreaming this dream aloud for all of us. I do hope that your vision will become reality. Of course, just hope and good wishes won't bring us towards your noble goal. We must all join forces to build a better ecosystem that you describe so well. Step by step. With time, our steps will multiply and become longer and stronger. Then they will transform into leaps towards the final destination. Good luck to us all. Let's build a better world for our children to live in.
2 months ago
Ervin Lemark
Thanks for the link. Please, allow me some time to come back with my thoughts. It will be a busy Friday eve and the weekend as well :)
2 months ago

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