The Cameo Jeremy
Created 22 Oct 2019
Interesting to hear about Gamified Proof of Stake gPoS. There are some attempts to copy Doge, the meme token, like Shipple, and Mortys that I have come across. Mostly they are worthless at present, but trying to generate a meme culture, and a following. There are other tokens that are used for gaming that are popular, like MANA, which is used in the game Decentraland, and traded on Binance. Newer ones are coming out all the time too, ERC-20 tokens, and even ERC-721 non-fungible tokens, like Cryptokitties, Flowers, and even land parcels in the virtual game MegaCryptoPolis. Tokenized gaming is a growing industry.
a month ago
The biggest problem with all crypto projects is with onboarding newbies - the average person does not want to deal with all those keys, wallets, KYC's and other similar crap. That's why the whole crypto-system is just occupied by geeks, enthusiasts and fanatics ;-)
a month ago