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Where to store your BTC is a very controversial topic. Most say use a cold wallet, which makes the most sense, but there are so many risks still, like losing the Ledger, theft, especially here in my country of South Africa, where crime and robbery is a huge problem. Then there are other Bitcoin wallets on your devices, but they are at risk too, although perhaps less so, since one can back up the seed phrase and reinstall the wallet if the device is compromised. Then there si the need to safely store the seed phrases, which is risky too. Metmask or My EtherWallet helps, though not for BTC, only ETH and ERC-20 tokens. So I keep most of my crypto on the exchange, as risky as it is.
3 months ago
Hi , thanks for article , I try to leave as little as possible on central exchanges. only what i want to trade in short term ( I try to use decentralized exchanges as much as possible ). i use several different wallets , as i do not want to leave all my eggs in one basket . i use hardware wallet for long term storage like a trezor or ledger , use web browser wallets as MyEtherWallet ,Metmask , tronlink to connect to daps and dexes and i also have desktop wallets like Exodus or AtomicWallet . I know it sounds like a alot of wallets but right now there are so many block chains and not all wallets support them , ( but list of supported coins always increasing in wallets ) Hardware wallets do connect to desktop wallets . and is the best for long term storage i think this is what i do and has been working , not sure if it is best for all . ...
2 months ago
Some say this FUD led to the BTC price drop, yet CZ Binance is suing the Block publication for this false news post apparently. So did it even happen, did they even have an office there? China's government came out bullish on blockchain but is still cracking down on exchanges and Bitcoin itself.
3 months ago
Yes I agree with this analysis. Miners are selling now or shutting rigs due to lack of profits. Price is on a downtrend as miners sell. The break even price for most miners is $6000, though in China it could be as low as $3000, so price can still drop back to the original local low around $3100. That would be called the famous "double bottom" that I'm waiting for, which usually occurs before the next bull run for real.
3 months ago
Thanks for the ETH TA. Ethereum really fell from its former days of glory and popularity a few years ago, which is unfortunate since Ethereum is such a powerful tool and facilitator of the majority of all the other ERC-20 tokens in the crypto sector.
3 months ago