Fun, loving, cereal chiller!

Fun, loving, cereal chiller!

Today's episode of let's talk bitcoin, we're listening to echoes of the past. In the midst of the biggest bubble yet, finding ourselves in the "then they laugh at you" phase, and with the china narrative rising for the first time as trade volumes overtook the rest of the world. Adam B. Levine was joined by Stephanie Murphy and Andreas M. Antonopoulos in early 2014 for a conversation that is very more
Hello UºAll! Here is my music pic of the day: 1 - LÜdic - Gypsy (sub.conscious Remix) 2 - Froth Dimension 3 - Sigil composed / mixed / mastered by sub.conscious Release via @shanti-planti "Beckoning listeners into the antipodes of mid-tempo bass, New Zealand producer sub.conscious unleashes his unmistakable blend of intoxicating more
Hello UºAll, here is my music pick of the day! Hope UºAll like it! Random Reel In a Minor Key EP · 2019 01. Jig For Maggie 02. Bodhran's Step 03. Last Session 04. Light Of Memories 05. An Dro Mix https://soundcloud.com/random_reel/sets/in-a-minor-key-ep-2019 #uosdaily #music #picoftheday #timeisart #artislife #alazzydayoff #fdeabreu2u #fdeabreu2you
Carbon Based Lifeforms - Derelicts 01 - Accede 0:00 02- Derelicts 5:43 03- Clouds 11:55 04- Nattväsen 16:25 05- Equilibrium 22:03 06- Path Of Least Resistance 30:59 07- 780 Days 37:39 08- ~42° 43:55 09- Reyleigh Scatterers 48:40 10 - Dodecahedron 53:52 11 - Loss Aversion 1:02:35 12 - Everwave 1:07:47 - Watch videos and visit webpages, with no advertisement interruptions or tracking cookies, more
Hello UºAll, I am looking for WarriorGamers, to join this amazing blockchain game (LOOM network / Ethereum Blockchain). It´s a Strategy game, that runs on a smart contract and gives away thousands of dollars in prizes every week! I never thought I would find an exciting game on the #blockchain that would become so addictive 2 me n enjoyable, this soon, on the birth of decentralized #gaming #era! more
Waves of Wonder - Carbon Based Lifeforms Mix [Psybient] Track Listing: 00:00 - Interloper 06:00 - Abiogenesis 10:00 - MOS 6851 16:30 - Central Plain (Interloper version) 23:00 - Erratic Patterns 30:00 - Exosphere 33:30 - Init 40:00 - Gryning 46:00 - Frog 52:30 - Photosynthesis 57:20 - Supersede 01:04:30 - Epicentre (First Movement) 1:10:00 - 20 Minutes 1:17:00 - World of Sleepers 1:22:00 - more
Hello UºAll! Here´s a track to help the day go by! By: Simon Meyer From: Zürich, Switzerland "Emergency - Original mix (Mastered my ShiBass Oficial)" https://soundcloud.com/7-elevenmusic/emergency-original-mix Keep an eye out for my next Publication in the making, "Wallflower - A bit more about the video and exhibit" Until then UºAll! I hope you enjoy the track! #uosdaily #music #track more
A lazzy day off! presents: Wallflower - A flower on the wall! Oil exhibit by Luisa Figueira Directed by fdeabreu2u Music hack by UrbanKraftMan Filmed @ location WELL . COM Bar/Restaurant/Gallery https://youtu.be/nOPCjpCnhK8 Will make a full detailed article, on which I will go a bit behind the scenes, making "Wallflower - A flower, on the wall!". - Watch videos and visit webpages, with no more
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Avatar in Decentraland.org -I created my avatar, how do I use it to explore the world? Creating an avatar and getting your first passport puts you on the list of lucky people with early access to Decentraland! After creating your avatar, stay tuned for special updates from the Decentraland team with details on when, and how, you can access the Decentraland client. -What’s the difference between more
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I've heard about this project before, but I don't get it)
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The created scenarios have multiple sizes that can be used accordingly to a user, already own plots and needs or desire of size that one wants to create to upload on the Plot Pool for a chance to be picked! #eos #blockchain #uosdaily #cpu #staking
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