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Created 26 Nov 2018

Basic Income advocate and practitioner. Sometimes I can do code.

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That's awesome news! The best part is, actually, that OLIVE can be used as trust/validity provider for UOS. Our trust network works in a similar way, but it's a single transaction (you either trust or don't trust an account) and the context is the credibility/trustworthiness of an account and the info it has provided, not it's real-life-humanity. Together, those metrics may provide a necessary toolset for decision-making on the Web - you will be able to determine whether the account is safe to deal with and has a real person behind it.
a year ago
You don't even need to use Olive directly. Creating a name and photo profile on UOS is so clean and easy that nobody will mind spending 5 minutes to post their name and photo again on UOS. Where Telos/Olive, UOS/Cherry(?) can help each other is in analytics, i.e., if a security tool run by auditors (volunteers--they have no special powers in the smart contract) bumps into a profile in, say, Cherry, that seems like a rather scant profile, the tool can scan for the same name on Olive and see if it the profile is well-connected there. That information, when published, will be enough to socially dis-authorize other users from down-voting that account's "realness" on Cherry. When an account is created, it is created with a small positive score. If you couple that with ways to obtain information from the native social network and *other* social networks (just like e.g. the NSA does lol) you can infer people's "realness", manifested anywhere on the Internet, with both ease and with a very low false negative / false positive rate. What UOS brings to the table with its reputation score is the excellent usability and front-end, which is actually the largest component of security in this system! You can't judge what you can't see and can't understand! And to top it off, it computes an activity score, which on UOS means users that are held in high esteem. An account held in social high-esteem that has explicitly declared it is not pseudonymous is real with 99.99% probability. Seriously can't wait for UOS mainnet!
a year ago
I've checked the link you provided regarding the Olive UBI. All things aside, the simplicity of the system that you mentioned is not so simple. I mean the UBI on the first was an idea made for Senior Citizens of our society that are retired and don't have jobs. Plus they are natives and old of their countries. Do you think setting up a an Olive account and claiming the Olive on daily basis does not seem to be handy stuff. But thanks for the info. There are just my thoughts on the project. No offense Peace Out!
a year ago
Will Bitcoin ever be mainstream money? Comment here: https://u.community/posts/4559
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I do believe in the great future of UOS and that it will be able to serve as a "ground" for such tokens and other useful projects! What do you think?
a year ago
It would be great if there's an algorithmic way to extract some level of account uniqueness in UOS by using the u.community social network. Maybe we should pay a Basic Income to any account that has a given minimum "score"? I don't really know how the account rating system works, but with time it will probably stabilize and become something that smart contracts can source to extract some level of anti-spoofing / anti-spamming.
a year ago