hello everyone, and thanks for making our world better

my name is Giorgi i live in Georgia 22 year old

help me with 0.01 BTC plz
6 months ago
i live in a poor country at a price of 1$ u can buy 6 breads :( but its too expencive here :( i will be grateful if u guys will help us grow, i trust in your kindness btc depost iddres is down below every satoshi means your love and your humanity
6 months ago
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waiting some good and hot airdrops like it was early on blockchain
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BIDcmh_6Es interesting one good enough for just watch
where can i research for information about u.community tryed on youtube but didnt find .what is our goal and other things?
do not know too :( looking...
6 months ago
Привет Гиоргий
privet kak dela?
6 months ago
will btc dominance come down??? and will ever be altcoin season anymore? what are your predictions about that?
17 325°
The market is centralized around BTC. Everything trades against BTC, so coins' value derive from BTC. I believe we're in a deadlock situation here
6 months ago
i trade on binance. alts/btc and market is dying right now :(
6 months ago