Created 17 Nov 2018

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I wish I would have been aware that this is a real thing! It would probably be very competitive to bid on, but like you said it could be a good chance to get some BTC at a discount!
4 months ago
Hey. I am a beginner and a big cryptocurrency enthusiast. Share bounties and airdrops. I will be grateful for the information
4 months ago
Kirill R°
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wow! I didn't heard about "dead cat strategy"! Thanks!
6 months ago
No way it was a suicide, impossible. And the connection to the US politicians and UK monarchy smacks of a criminal mafia running our world.
6 months ago
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He's been but on suicide watch (which is there to prevent suicides, apparently) after he attempted suicide. Then he dies on suicide watch (sic), just after announcing to name his customers during a public trial. How convenient, eh.
6 months ago
Good analysis, Bitcoin is the main focus as the ICO craze is over, and ETH falls behind. we are still waiting for the altcoin season but it may never arrive like it did before. The system keeps shifting year by year and we can't expect the same patterns as before, so focus investments on Bitcoin. The Tether printing might be a Ponzi scheme too.
7 months ago
It's so refreshing to read that someone admits that those lines not always work. Nice analysis!
9 months ago
Will Bitcoin ever be mainstream money? Comment here: https://u.community/posts/4559
I predict the price will either go up, down or stay the same! ;)
a year ago
I always point people to these graphs of Bitcoin price... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DsqRPr3W0AAK9Gx.jpg
a year ago
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I believe that in February 2019 crypto prices will go up!
a year ago