Hello world!
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My profile is finally stored on the blockchain! Woot!

Kirill R°
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Awesome 👍 congrats #uosdaily #uoscommunity
2 days ago
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Hey Alexander, I have still on telegram a second one of you, using your profile. Can you write me on telegram mentionin banana, so i know which account is the correct one? Then i can give you the details about the fake account. Thanks!
My telegram username is @defileroff =) Wrote you there.
6 days ago
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(Not this post, lol)
10 days ago
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Amazing progress, well done UOS team.
20 days ago
keep up the good work team
18 days ago
Keep on going! This project is awesome!
7 days ago
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Ilya S°
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🔥 UOS token trading is live on Bitforex!
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Ilya S°
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Thanks to everyone who participated in U°OS token sale! 8,000,000 UOS were sold during the IEO session. UOS token will start trading on Bitforex exchange on August 21, 09:00 UTC. Details of listing on other exchanges will be announced soon!
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How's the weekend, guys? Today I'm going to draft our trading competition for BitForex, that may take place after the listing. Stay tuned for more info! #uos #uosdaily #ieo #bitforex
Как выходные, ребята?
a month ago
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