I don't have any particular or should i say no desire for a passion. I just do things that seems to interest me.

A Silent Reader | & Young Cryptonaire | A geek love to tinker with tech junkies | Currently Doing Things that doesn't make a sense to any other person.

Hey Guys, I'm still finding my way around here. Can anyone provide me the material about the project so i can at least get myself some information on this project
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First of all, welcome, traveler, have a seat near the fire :) As for the materials: https://uos.network - for all basic things on U°OS https://u.community/posts/7281 - explanation of protocol running this whole thing https://u.community/posts/7373 - same explanation, but in writing https://u.community/posts/7456 - latest release notes https://t.me/uos_network_en - our chat in Telegram https://t.me/uos_network - our news channel If you have any more questions, just mention @nihilism2day or reply to my comment Have fun :)
7 months ago