Ungrateful Being

It is often said that if you teach a fool how to chew sticks, when he is even asleep you see the stick in his mouth. These say I hear from a lot of people tell people who are ungrateful to them, but I sometimes wonder where or what happen for these people to behave that way to them.

Hmmm….I know the very first quote or wise saying I said may mean different to many around the world or there will be a simple way for me to say it that would be more appealing to you for you to understand.

But let me disappoint you today and go by what I said in the very beginning of my blog today. All what I meant from that say is that, mostly when people are being picked from the slums and are being cared for to be someone they tend to have the world at their own property and misbehave towards the very person who took him from the slams and nurtured him to the very person he is today.

The story of a man goes this way, he was a herblist or let me use the world soot sayer for many to understand it very well. During their time of life he cured this very little girl from blindness and the parents of this lady vowed to the Gods that they will allow their daughter to marry this herblist when she grows up.

Sooner than later this girl grown to be a full woman and was married to this man as promised by her parent, so this man took this girl from his village and brought her to town, where he nurtured her to learn how to dress, eat and do certain things as a woman. And when this lady got to know all these, she never respected her husband again and was all over the city with all the fun she could ever want from people will higher wealth than her husband.

Eventually, the lady divorced the man saying he was old enough her. So at this moment all I want to say is did the man do good by bring this lady to have a taste of how live in the city is?

Well I know your answer won’t be different from mine. Let’s live this life of ours with the with all gratefulness to others.

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