How we can use open database

In last month or so I have given lot of thought about open database (public blockchain).  All I was thinking how to destroy existing apps which control user data and spy on people.

One of the important application in our phone is Truecaller, only in Android it has 100 million users installed. That means it has every person contact on earth and it knows with whom we are connected. seems very scary.

what if we can rebuild Truecaller on opendatabase. don't get scared, your mobile number on blockchain means not threat to you. we redesign it.

We install truecaller for 1 reason, just to know with whom we are about to talk and is it a spam call or sales call. Just imagine you don't need to enter your name or personal details on our Btruecaller (built on blockchain) dapp for life time. you just enter your number while registering on Dapp. And it can be verified by other 3 users of the dapp,

Once you are fully verified, when ever you get a call from someone, a popup will come like truecaller with 3 different column details:

1. How many trusted

2 How many spammed/Blocked

3 How many not sure

these 3 columns will help you decide whether you can answer this call or not. After you complete the call you will get another pop up with same columns to answer. suppose you answered with trusted it will be recorded on blockchain.

next time if I call someone who installed Btruecaller they will get pop up as:

21 trusted, 0 blocked, 2 not sure.

these details are enough to evaluate a call and decide whether we can pick the call or not. No mobile number is linked to any blockchain account, no blockchain account is revealed to any other user of same dapp, No name is printed on blockchain (Full privacy)

We will airdrop dapp tokens to users who verify other mobile numbers on blockchain based on user activity. this can be revolution, This can be built only on blockchains like EOSIO. we can build it on UOS network. 

share your comments, ideas, and questions which can add value to the post.