The Duty.

My new poem.

Desire, anger and greed,

Are the gates of ruination of the soul.

These three gates of hell be freed,

For attaining the God, the Supreme God.

This human body is valuable,

Has been attained through grace of God.

For it is immensely valuable,

And we should spend our time in meditation of Lord.

We should offer service and worship to Him,

Bowing to Him, Hymning Him and praying to Him.

For it we should perform our duty,

In a detachment manner, and one’s stage in life,

Treating alike the victory and defeat, gain and loss.

We should be ready for the life’s toss,

For a little practice of this discipline.

Save one from the terrible wheel of birth and death alike,

He who having obtained a human body.

If he falls off from his duty,

Though living he is as good as dead.

He leads a useless and reproachable life with his bed.

A poem written by @oodeyaa

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