Offer Page

Hello! Today I want to introduce you the concept of custom offers.

What It Is?

The "Offer" is the content format on the platform that allows you to convert your audience into useful actions.
Are you looking for a new team member? building a community? Need financial support from your community? The offer page could help in all these cases.

How It Works:

  1. Make up a short title that reveals the main point of your "Offer"
  2. Put an image to attract attention
  3. Name your button with a verb and paste the link you want people to visit.
  4. Set a time limit.
  5. Write down a description in a publication-like style
  6. And publish it

Now you can view and communicate with participants and people who interested in the offer.
As well as the publication, "offer" can be made by you personally, or on behalf of the community by one of its participants.
Thus, the offer page allows you to achieve your goals and get feedback.


Here I need to thank our community members @forninetyone and @julianhorack for using their profile information to make mockups more realistic — thank you guys 🙏


Sponsored Publication

Job Offer

This is more special preview because here you will see sneak peek of DAO profile :)

Already working offers

On U°Community, there are already offers:

  • GitHub 
    brought us, 111 new members of the community
  • UOS Airdrop for EOS holders
    is an example of an offer on manual control (about 500 members of the community and keep going)

The possibility to create offers is planned to be implemented shortly after the launch of the main net. 

Stay tuned!

Share your thoughts 💭, questions❓, ideas 💡and possible examples of use🤝 down below in the comments)