Life With A Robber

Enough have been said, enough have been done. The world today has a lot of so many opportunities for us. We live each day of our lives wanting to do more, but as we strive through we meet challenges and try to fight them.

But let me ask this, how would you feel to live with a thief as a husband or wife throughout your life. I just watched this movie and there was this pretty queen who felt in love with a thief or should I say a robber.

And this pretty one was able to live with this robber for months without knowing it. Always when she wants to visit this man at work, the man will intentionally go to the place he calls his office and sit in the building like he was waiting for others.

When he sees this pretty coming he will just meet her up and propose a lunch offer so they always end up in a hotel or restaurant, having fun with each other then they eventually call it a day. So it was always too easy for this pretty queen to know the actual work her man was doing.

Sooner than later, the man was caught by the police in one of his operations and was sent to exile. It was then that this pretty queen knew that she was all this while in love with a robber.

Such is life, you never know the real being of a person till he/she meets his/her meeter. Life is an everyday thing so live it well.