Disrupting what ??

The most disrupting tech till now built by humans is social media, In social media there are different types of social media example Facebook, twitter & Reddit.

All we know about social media is share a self with friends and family and like the content shared by our friends we don't know exactly who produced it what happens to our data once we put in online. The most dangerous tech is Facebook, we share our relationship status, family details, from where we passed out, where we are living, everything… Even which movie we are watching. These are the most sensitive data without any Privacy education to users these features are dumped on us.

No other social media is asking you to share such a leave of information. when Facebook raised from ground, people thought it is going to disrupt industries with age old laws and ideas, Instead of that user became the product for social media.

Facebook has most accurate data about you than your Government, They know how many children you have, with whom you are in relationship, The actual relationship with whom you are having. The only illusion public having is this virtual identity is not connected to our govt issued doc's and no one is policing us in virtual world. The truth is they don't need one to connect you to your details. they already know you can't deny your social media profile.

Social media is 1 big spying agency now govt's directly asking visa applicants to submit there social media details without a strong base for what requirement they need this information.

Now, After seeing such bigger privacy violations do you really think KYC is an actual issue, " Voice " is promising that they won't be collecting such sensitive data from users except your name and country. The most important thing for them is User Privacy.

Important feature from Voice is anonymity of user, if user want to post some article as anonymously he/she can choose it. User data will be in user control, they can delete anything they want. The Hash power of every transaction will stay on blockchain so that earning of each and every user will never get compromised.

KYC of account is just for token distribution. it is will transform broken tokens distribution system into equal token distribution. every user has equal hash power to stand a chance share the voice. join the movement make it a big success. voice.com