The Brain-key Issue

and .....MassiVeVibrations Playlists to Introduce Myself to U*

"Music is the weapon of the future!" - Fela Kuti  

First, I would love to share some of my sounds I like.....

I collect songs every day on various platforms and hope you will enjoy some of my playlists on you tube.

This post is a test! 

I am excited to be here, after meeting a super lovely couple at the steemfest in Polen, Krakow last week! 

You should never forget to keep your brain clear when you register :)  

I was distracted when I signed up, saved my 12 word passphrase but somehow I missed out to keep my "brainkey", thinking I can find it here but I don't :( 

Suggestions welcome what to do .....For now I don't dare to log out.