For91Days Introduction - Who We Are And Why For 91 Days?

Counting 20 For91days Locations

Hello dear U.Community,

We're Juergen and Mike and we wanted to finally introduce ourselves to the community in a proper way. This should have come as our very first post but we wanted to take the time to craft an introduction post worth your time and we didn't want to publish something rushed.

Mike and I met many moons ago in Boston where Mike started his first job and I attended the New England School of Photography In Boston. After my school had to leave the country because my visa ran out and Mike was able to relocate his job to Berlin, Germany. As you might have guessed I'm from Germany and Mike is from the USA. From Berlin we moved around a bit until we ended up Valencia, Spain, which is now our home when we are not on the road. 

When we started our travel project For91days we were both location independent. Over a bottle of wine we came up with the idea to constantly travel but in a sustainable way. We aimed to live in 4 different places per year, so we divided 365 days by 4 and came up with the rounded 91 days. Which is actually great for several reasons. Many countries give out 90 day visas without too much trouble and the 3 month period seems to be the perfect length. The first month after we arrived in a new spot, we are in the honeymoon phase, the second month we feel like locals and during the last month we're starting already to plan for our next For91days and are getting excited to leave.

We have travelled like this the first 4 years, basically being on the road nonstop. Now, 9 years later we slowed down a lot due to couple of reasons but mainly we had to admit to ourselves that it is draining being constantly on the move and without having any downtown.

But since 2010 we were able to visit 20 locations as part of our For91days travel project. We always aim to publish at least 91 article on our travel blog:

and we always turn the articles of each location into an eBook which are then available to be downloaded on Amazon:

Slowing Down A Bit

The first four years of full time travel have been amazing but we had to slow down! We now made Valencia our home for when we're not on the road and now aiming to do 2 For91day locations per year. We just got back from Ghana and are right now in the planning phase for our next spot.

For91days on the Blockchain

After years of building a following on centralized social media platform we came to the realization that nobody is ending up on our actual travel site anymore, where our ads are and we got so fed up that for example Facebook shoving profits in the billions each quarter. Basically making money off other people's content. We got so fed up with it and were on the lookout to find an alternative.

So it happened to be that SteemFest 2 was in Lisbon, the city where we just arrived for one of our recent For91days locations. When we researched Lisbon we kept running into articles talking about Steem and got curious and we signed up! Quickly we noticed that there wasn't a travel community on this platform, though Steem is perfect for it. 

We started a Discord Server to organize others being on the road: and shortly after we started TravelFeed with other Steemians to curate and feature great travel content:

During Steemfest in Krakow I got introduced to UOS and the U.Community and finally joined couple of weeks ago. Of course the first thing I did was starting a travel community on here:

Thank you so much for having us here and if you're a traveler don't be shy and join our little group here. And we're always happy to make new friends, so please leave a comment and follow us and we're happy to return the favor.

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