Content Policy

Effective Date: May 17, 2019

U°Community is developed to provide freedom to express one’s creativity, views, and opinions to people from all over the world.

All forms and shapes of content and behavior on U°Community are welcome, except for those listed below.

Prohibited Content

The following content is treated as forbidden on the Services:

  1. Illegal Content
    You should not post or display any Content that is prohibited by or contradicts the applicable laws or regulations.
  2. Pornography
    Images or video that display sexual organs or any act of sexual conduct, intended to stimulate sexual excitement.
  3. Sexual content involving minors
    Any sexual or suggestive content involving minors or someone who appears to be a minor. This includes any content relating to child pornography, pedophilia, child sexual exploitation or any sexualization of children.
  4. Violence
    Any content that incites or encourages violence or physical harm against people or animals. This doesn’t include the content containing mild violence or the scenes of violence that were initially created for educational, artistic, humorous or documentary purposes and not intended for glorifying the violence.
  5. Harassment
    Systematic or continued actions intended to abuse, insult or torment someone, including but not limited to threats and demands. U°Community does not tolerate any act of harassment regardless of its nature and purpose whether racial prejudice, personal malice, an attempt to force someone to quit a job or grant sexual favors, or merely gain sadistic pleasure from making someone fearful or anxious.
  6. Personal and Confidential Information
    Any information relating to a particular person, whether recorded or not, which can be used in order to identify, directly or indirectly, this person by reference to such information. It is also prohibited to post any information that is not public and treated as confidential in accordance with your contractual obligations. It doesn’t include the information which is disclosed in a proper and lawful way by the authorized party.
  7. Solicitation of illegal goods or services
    It is not permitted to use the Services in order to offer, sell, exchange, solicit or otherwise facilitate any transaction with the following types of goods and services:
    • Firearms or parts thereof, ammunition, weapons and other devices designed to cause physical injury;
    • Drugs and their components;
    • Stolen goods;
    • Falsified official documents or currency;
    • Personal data or confidential information;
    • Sexual services;
    • Gambling services;
    • Fraudulent services

Prohibited behavior

The following behavior is treated as prohibited on the Services:

  1. Vote cheating or facilitating vote manipulation. This applies to different ways of vote manipulation, including but not limited to creating and using multiple accounts and asking other users to vote in a particular way.
  2. Creating and using multiple accounts in order to escape punishment for breaching the provisions of the Terms of Use or the Content Policy.
  3. Misusing the Services. Do not use the Services in any way that could interfere with, negatively affect, or inhibit other users from using the Services, or that could negatively affect the operating of the Services.

PLEASE BE AWARE that we reserve the right to conceal or remove Your Content from the Services as well as suspend Your Account and your ability to access and use the Services if we determine that you materially infringe the provisions of this Content Policy.

We may update, modify or make changes to this Content Policy from time to time. We will always publish the amended version of the Content Policy on the Website and notify you by posting the respective notice on the Services. Any changes to the Content Policy will become effective and binding from the time of posting the amended version on the Website.

If have any questions relating to this Content Policy, you can always contact us at [email protected].