Behold! The New Network Governance is Live!

You are now voting with your total account Importance°, not a mere stake!

We've finally implemented an interface for Importance-based voting, which is the cornerstone of the U°OS' DPOI consensus model!

The voting power you can see on the Governance page is your account Importance°, which currently consists of your account indices for the following metrics: stake, social activity, and transfer activity, taken with the ratios of 80%, 10%, and 10% respectively.

You can now vote for both Block Producers and Calculator Nodes:

While you should be already familiar with the first, the latter are responsible for calculating account activity indices, Importance and dynamic emission amount.

Don't hesitate to express your opinion and execute your voting rights on the network, or even become a Block Producer or Calculator yourself! 

(Pssst, they're getting rewarded for their job, you know)

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