Has Facebook Become a Thought Police?

It's been a week since Paul Joseph Watson has been banned from Facebook for essentially no other reason than his conservative opinions. Now, even talking about him could cause you problems on the platform.

Of course, it's all political and it seems like the most influential online personalities who supported Trump tend to be marginalized. Now, irrespective of any political view one may hold, the question is: Is that normal? Is that something that is supposed to happen, or is it something we should be worried about in regard to our freedom of expression?

Here's what needs to happen: Platform access should be a civil right for all citizens in all countries. We need a digital Bill of Rights. Social media is the digital public square. The only circumstance for banning someone from the digital public square should be if they abuse that public square to post something criminal or an immediate incitement to violence, says Paul Joseph Watson.

I understand that private corporations have the right to their own political views and activism. But what happens when such corporations are more than influential and they are now embedded into the very fabric of how society works? Because in all honesty, being a student without a Facebook account, for instance, whether in school or college, is not going to make your life easy in any circumstance. 

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google and social media in general has become more than entertainment and a matter of communication means. In the past, not being present on social media subjected you to peer pressure and judgment, as it happens to anyone who's somehow out of the norm. Today, however, social media seems more like a social requirement. And if this virtual world you're now more or less obliged to be part of imposes such strict rules with regards to the beliefs one should hold, what happens to our identity?

Are they weaponizing the same argument? Are they accusing other people, such as Conservative thinkers, of the narrow-mindedness that is actually characterizing them more and more? Projecting much?

Or is all this normal and there are things I might be missing in this perspective over things? Let me know in the comments.