Cherry: A Basic Income cryptocurrency for UOS

OLIVE, the free Universal Basic Income (UBI) cryptocurrency, is already live on the Telos network:

To receive it, you have to be invited by an existing member, and you need to publish your name and your photo.

That's it. That entitles you to earn 1 OLIVE per day for the rest of your life.

Telos is offering free accounts, so you spend literally zero money to start earning OLIVE.

The Democratic Money concept across the EOSIO universe

It is interesting to me how each one of the EOSIO blockchains has its own theme. And that blockchain theme translates directly into how it would implement the "one token per day" UBI system (i.e. a purely democratic money issuance system).

In Worbli for example, you would not need people to publish their name and photo on the Internet. Worbli has KYC/AML, so you know that every account is good and unique. So you just pay one token per account and you would be completely done with it.

In EOS, you would use whatever Dan Larimer is cooking up. EOS is probably more suited to a "backed UBI" with their REX/Bancor stuff, instead of an "unbacked" cryptocurrency (i.e. one backed by nothing but belief, like Bitcoin).

In Telos, you get OLIVE, and also ACORN, a version of OLIVE that does not require any profile registration or publication whatsoever. Telos is the DIY, developer-oriented blockchain. It's cheap, fast and with decent governance controls so you can actually try to evolve an open registration network.

What would OLIVE look like on UOS?

OLIVE works by letting users burn their free OLIVE tokens and turn them into political power. That power is the power to increase or decrease someone's score, including your own. 

So, if you burn 10 OLIVE, you can increase your own score by +10, or reduce someone's score by -10.

Accounts with a score of zero or less do not earn UBI. Accounts with a positive score do earn UBI. It's that simple.

UOS already has a reputation score associated with an account, but its computation and its semantics are much more complex than Olive's. The Olive score is not related to how valuable you are (Github activity, posting activity, popularity etc.) but merely on how real your profile is. If your profile belongs to an unique, breathing individual, then its score should be positive, otherwise it should be zero or negative. A score of 10 and a score of 10,000,000 achieve the exact same. And the job of adjusting scores is both crowdfunded (via the Olive UBI) and crowdsourced.

However, an OLIVE clone in UOS would certainly leverage the UOS reputation score for something. The question then is, what role would the UOS reputation score play in an OLIVE clone deployed on UOS?

Let's call that clone Cherry for now.

How to use UOS scores to help compute Cherry scores

An account with a high UOS score is, on average and in practice, a real account. It is highly unlikely that a human user will bother to maintain two pseudonymous UOS accounts with high UOS scores.

And what if they do? Well, we could say, well played, and well done!

The correct way to implement Cherry on UOS (we can call it something else!) is to have the smart contract somehow accumulate a collective fund of Cherry tokens, and use those tokens to automatically upvote Cherry accounts that have a high UOS score. 

You still have to publish your "real name" (whatever that means to you) and your "real face photo" to be a Cherry user, but that publication is now, implicitly, your UOS profile itself!

In other words, by opening a Cherry token balance in your UOS account and signaling to it that you wish to receive UBI (something like cherrycntrct :: registerubi ( myuosaccount )...), you are stating that your UOS profile is not pseudonymous and that it is sufficient as a Cherry Proof-of-Personhood. That's a social contract, and if breached, it would have the same social fate as in Olive: it would attract "downvotes" from concerned users who want Cherry to work.

So, UOS provides great usability for publishing a proof-of-personhood and as an user you can have your Cherry score get an automatic boost upwards as you use the UOS platform. No need to fret about getting endorsements ("upvotes") from other users.

The UOS social network itself becomes the weaver of relationships between users.

Are you excited? I am!

Can't wait for UOS Mainnet!