U°Community Release Attila v1.13.0

We're constantly developing and deploying our web-app features, so you could've seen most of them live already. 

New Features

Added trust feature

  • Added trust button in member profile
  • Added a list of members that trust a member to a given member's profile page
  • Members can trust other members they deem trustworthy
  • Members can untrust previously trusted members they no longer deem trustworthy

Added GitHub Offer page

GitHub users can check their score, calculated for their past activities on GitHub.

User can OAuth via GitHub, check their score, fulfil the checklist and receive UOS tokens.

The offer boasts the following features:

  • Header
  • A customized header with countdown, GitHub OAuth, user GitHub score display.
  • Popup with the list of applicants
  • Status sidebar
  • A sidebar with a checklist, your tokens amount and delivery status.
  • Remaining tokens amount counter

Added Settings tab

  • Added Settings tab to user profile hover menu
  • Added key pairs preview via brainkey

User can now enter the brainkey to display Active and Owner permission keypairs. Those pairs are now stored anywhere and user will have to save them elsewhere for future use.

  • Added wallet password settings

You can now set/reset the password for wallet transactions

  • Moved Resources to the Settings tab

Account wallet update

  • Replaced main menu bar burger menu with the wallet icon
  • Added UOS Futures tokens balance
  • Added password protection for wallet-related transactions

User can now set a pin code/password for transactions requiring Active permission private key. User can either directly enter the private key or generate it via the brainkey. The key then encrypted and stored in the browser local storage.

New image uploader

Added new image upload pipeline

Images are now automatically resized to 4k, converted to 90% .jpg on the client's side. File limit has been raised to 3mb for images and kept the same (1mb) for .gifs

Added images to comments

  • Added direct image uploader to comments and replies
  • Added drag-n-drop image upload to comments and replies
  • Added image upload via links to comments and replies
  • Added beta version of zoomable images to comments and replies

Post image uploader update

  • Added .gif support for direct posts
  • Added drag-n-drop image upload to posts
  • Added image upload via links to posts

New uos.network page

Added new content and markup. Check it here: https://uos.network

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed tags page posts visibility
  • Fixed 404 for member page
  • Fixed Governance page width for really long BP names
  • Fixed member profiles opened by account name showing incorrect data
  • Fixed login page error message

The message now suggests incorrect Brainkey as the first possible case.

  • Any publication can now be added to community discussion board
  • Added mentions to member profile About and Status text boxes
  • Added mentions to community profile About text box
  • Added tags to comments and replies

Comments are not shown on the tag page and are working as a link.

  • Fixed incorrect buy/sell ram messages
  • Fixed user rating wrapping on People page
  • Added og meta-tags to all pages
  • Fixed unable to create Publication if the Video is in Title place
  • Added reCAPTCHA v.2 to the registration page

You can always suggest your ideas or jump into development right here:



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