Behold! The first three winners of the U°OS Network weekly awards!

As we've promised before, each week the highest ranking post, publication, and community will get a reward of 25,000 UOS tokens, both in the testnet and the mainnet!

You can see for yourself who the lucky ones are just follow these three links: 

Team members can't participate in this contest, so the rewards go to: 

25,000 UOS to  @smtsharesluv for their community: 

25,000 UOS to @tolustx12345  for their post:

25,000 UOS to @smtsharesluv for their publication:


#uosdaily #blockafrica #uosairdrop 

One reward can be claimed only once by a certain member. Team members can't participate. Winners are picked on Mondays, 9 am UTC, while there is an airdrop round in progress, unless stated otherwise.