200 UOS Giveaway For Best Pun!

The punniest pun wins it all! PUN CONTEST!

I really like puns. I think mine are funny. My girlfriend, not so much.

I am on the search for the best pun out there, and I'm willing to give 200 UOS (testnet) to the person who has it!

The winner will be determined by the number of upvotes that the pun gets before the time has expired for the giveaway. The contest will expire 7 days from now at 5 PM CST.

(here is a link to examples of puns if you are not sure what they are: https://examples.yourdictionary.com/examples-of-puns.html )


  • Follow me @iamredbar123 
  • Upvote and share this post
  • Submit pun in a comment below and use the hashtag #uospungiveaway
  • Only one submission per account
  • Minimum 10 entries for contest to be valid

Let's see your best pun!