Avenatti Is DONE! - The FALL Of A Creep & The Hypocrisy Of The Media

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the latest news surrounding lawyer Michael Avenatti as he continues to face more and more charges. He is now being indicted for embezzling a paraplegic client's money.

As the allegations continue, we have to remember how this man was propped up as a golden boy of sorts by the media. Now that he's in a tail spin we don't hear a LOT from them, just like they've gone quite quiet regarding the Mueller investigation, but of course it's all theater. We are hearing a lot about Julian Assange. Assange, a person who has never been proven wrong in one single story he's shared, yet is thrown under the bus for exposing truth while the media feels they have a moral high-ground while promoting some of the worst people in the public light alongside dramatically untrue stories that indoctrinate millions of people.

While social medias crack down on independent medias as so-called "fake", the mainstream media (while technically losing mass viewership) feels confident enough to act as if it stands above the populace on a high-horse as if to say that we should all simply blindly accept them without question or else we are (insert ridiculous connotation here).

This will not end well for the media.

As far as Avenatti goes, it looks like his life is over. But we will never forget the way he was propped up simply to benefit a narrative that wasted millions of people's precious time.

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