Did IMF BUY Julian Assange's ARREST? - The END Of Journalism

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the horrifying nature of Julian Assange's arrest and the true reason behind the timing of the arrest itself.

Assange has shown himself to be a true journalist, never releasing a fake story, not attempting to benefit his own viewpoint and simply allowing the flow of information to reach the eyes and ears of the populace regardless of what party it helps or hurts.

The precedent being set by agents arresting Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London is a giant red flag. It essentially says, it doesn't matter if you leak evidence of terrible things the government does, that transparency means you should spend years of your life in a cage. It's a sickening notion but nonetheless, it's what is happening right now as Assange looks at potentially being extradited to the United States where President Trump loudly proclaims "Wikileaks isn't my thing." following the arrest. This is despite him saying he loved Wikileaks during the election when it benefited him.

But why now? Why did Assange get arrested now? Well, interestingly at the end of February, Ecuador was granted a $4.2 billion loan with a total financial package of $10.2 billion. That includes a bailout as the bond market was crushed in recent days in Ecuador. Well, the bond market recovered and shortly after, Assange is arrested.

The joke is on Ecuador considering the IMF will essentially buy them up, take over their resources and destroy the country entirely. But that's another story.

If we sit idly by and watch a person like Assange get thrown in a cage for as much as 5 years, we are apathetic and weak. How could we allow this to happen? This as Chelsea Manning sits in prison as well.

So we have decided that the people who do terrible things to other people on the other side of the planet with joysticks are fine, but the people who expose it deserve to sit in a cage for most of their life? Time to assess our true priorities here...

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