Julian Assange arrest part 3 – Ecuador’s new leader cracking the IMF whip at home while keeping his questionable stash offshore 

Following on from the previous articles, I want to reveal more of my findings regarding Julian Assange’s arrest at the Ecuadorian embassy where he had received asylum for the past seven years. 

It appears that Assange’s arrest came soon after the ambassador officially revoked asylum status. The new president of Ecuador has fallen drastically in popularity among his people as he implements drastic new austerity measures in order to keep the IMF happy so that he can receive the $4.2 billion loan from them. In order to receive the loan, Ecuador has gone the way of Greece and forced its citizens to pay the bill. Nearly 10 000 government employees were fired according to local media reports. The austerity measures also accepted by the new president include cuts in social spending and welfare schemes, so the poorest will be the hardest hit. Can you imagine 10 000 families now without a bread winner. This is why President Lenin Moreno is so disliked at the moment, as well as throwing Assange to the wolves.

But these are not his only shadows. In February there was an investigative piece of journalism published alleging a “labyrinth of offshore companies” belonging to the president and his family. The previous president – who protected Assange for the past seven years – has personally stated "I can assure you that Moreno will have to leave the Presidency and go to jail because this is a monstrosity that they will not be able to hide." Former president Correa is actually an exile from his own country at present. The Ecuadorian president and his brother Edwin, allegedly have offshore accounts in tax shelters like Belize and Panama, along with opaque companies so that he can avoid declaring huge deposits of money from Chinese and English companies. He appears to be siphoning off "funds from state contractors, corruption funds, fraud to the treasury, commissions that should not have been paid," ex- president Correa said.

President Moreno has denied any offshore accounts and in fact has recently launched an “International Commission Against Corruption”, but the ex-president calls it "the corrupt fighting corruption." Correa actually urged his parliament to take legal action, while he is in exile and can’t actually enter his own country. He formerly saw poverty decrease by 14% during his decade in office. Besides him, there is also an Ecuadorian movement called “Citizen Revolution” led by former Foreign Affairs Minister Ricardo Patiño. In February they held a press conference to launch a recall process for the current president, the one who gave up Assange. He is being called out for a massive corruption plot and is apparently destroying the past decade of progress in Ecuador. He has an apartment in Spain bought for and furnished by offshore money, all while he fires 10 000 of his staff and puts many thousands into destitute conditions to please the IMF.

It would be ironic if Ecuador’s president Moreno also ended up in a jail cell like the one he sent Assange to. People are certainly protesting at the parliament gates for him to leave office. He sounds like another of the neo-liberal Fascist types who have recently been installed by the global elite money lenders like the IMF and World Bank. They like to privatize the resources and allow foreign US companies in to access the oil while causing monumental pollution disasters. Another one is Argentina. Over a million Argentines took to the streets of Buenos Aires in mass protest more than once in recent months this year, calling for jobs, housing and land. They were calling out and criticizing the very same IMF policies forced on their government as experienced in Ecuador.

In conclusion it may be that all the pawns are being put in place by the global elite to run their one world government controlled by the banking sector. And they are taking out key knights like Assange, who is able to dethrone many a king. In fact the move to revoke asylum for Assange by president Moreno could actually be considered illegal, considering Assange is an Ecuadorian citizen. I’m sure there will be further developments in the coming days and weeks with the Julian Assange case and throughout all of that time he may be in a prison somewhere, so please send him good wishes wherever you are.

Ex president Correa calling out the revenge of president Moreno toward Assange for revealing his corruption:






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