The biggest crime against humanity ever…

If you get the question: what is the biggest crime ever against humanity, then you may immediately think of genocide, slavery, exploitation, ... and of course you're right. But there is one big criminal act which we still engage in today: making the entire population unhappy, with the excuse that it makes the economy go round.

Now everything is fungible

Once there was scarcity and the hardware-trader came along to pay you for old pots and pans. The average person could put all the clothes he owned in one box. Every material possession was once invaluable, it was handled with extreme care.

Now everything is fungible. We do jobs that we hate to buy stuff that we don't need. We're working overtime to rent a garage box to store too much of our belongings. Not only office workers, but even school children are already confronted with the fashion show of the day: "you're not going to wear the same thing twice, are you?"

All in all, we may have the right to make ourselves and our own society sick with these abuses, but it is not okay that we do this largely at the expense of the environment and two-dollar-per-day-child laborers. While on Black Friday hordes of people push each other aside to buy some item that makes them forget their sense of uselessness for half a day, thousands of trees are cut down for stupid disposable hairbrushes. Every day, oil is being pumped that destroy villages and nature reserves. People slowly crumbling under the pressures of workload.

Satisfaction is the greatest enemy of economic growth

The whole year is a series of consumer highlights, created by need-creators. Or better: professional unhappiness makers: the advertising industry. Although we must not tar everyone with the same brush. But still, if most Westerners would dwell for a minute on this issue and be thankful for what they have, then there would be a certain kind of satisfaction. But ... satisfaction is the greatest enemy of economic growth, of our society, everything could start to fall apart if the population becomes happy.

Will a deeply happy person be seduced into buying millions of weight loss products, botox, new food hypes, too many pairs of shoes, perfume bottles or weekly obsessive purchases on Maybe sporadically. The advertising industry finds contentment a bad idea and deliberately campaigns to make people dissatisfied. In other words: it is guilty of deliberately making mankind unhappy, because unhappy people simply buy more. Do you know a bigger crime than this?

“Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don’t have for something they don’t need.” ~Will Rogers

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