In the grips of daily 5 hour power cuts – the new norm in “darkest” South Africa

Hey there U Community it’s Monday 18 March, and all is dark on the dark continent. At least for South Africans it’s now dark for up to 5 hours a day as the nation conducts rolling blackouts twice a day for 2.5 hours each. 

It’s called “load shedding” here. I thought it was over but it’s back. Load shedding began a few years ago and then came back last year and then again earlier this year. Each time it goes away after a few weeks or months but it has returned like a virus that won’t go away. It is placing strain on the already strained economy and you can imagine the disruption to people’s daily lives. At least they are scheduled so we know when they are coming and can prepare.

Some are at night and some are during the day, each time cutting the power to my home, laptop, and of course internet. So I am writing this quickly so I can upload it before the power goes out again. This is life in a third world country. Venezuela and Zimbabwe are not the only ones.

Part of the problem is a lot of corruption in the elites that run the show, even the recent President of the country was discovered to be a big crook – the usual African president story – stealing or looting at the top. Well it’s not only the top fat cats looting, also the middle men take their cut. For example the truck drivers that transport the coal to the dirty power stations are bribed to reroute and deliver elsewhere for a big bribe while claiming to have delivered to the plants. Then the black market highwaymen resell that same coal to the power plant who pays for the original delivery twice – somehow – I don’t know all the details, but you get the picture.

Secondly, we are obliged to our new big brother – China. They don’t tell us this but journalists find out…truckloads of coal are being shipped off to China, while we have to tolerate scarcity back home in the dark. Well, you either sell out to the IMF/World Bank/USA or you sell out to China nowadays, and we are now part of the BRICS so there goes our coal. The Chinese are so in control of us now that they even force us to refuse entry to the Dalai Lama, much to the protest of the people, but there you have it. We are now a province run by Beijing.

Another problem is copper cable theft by lowlife. So you have the fat cats at the top, the middle men and the lowlife all exploiting the country. Copper is such a hot commodity here that even phone lines get ripped up out of the ground in some suburbs. And the phone company finds it too expensive to replace, if it’s a small community being serviced, so the locals just have to make their own private arrangements to get their phone AND their internet back online. It’s no place for a lady…or a gentleman. Crime is rampant on all levels from top to bottom in South Africa.

But then the elites all over the world are exploiting the little man by the entire monetary system of the central bankers. And some of the biggest powers in the world – hello America – are sold out at the top to the elite central banking cabal, which has several names I won’t mention. Like villains, or Mafia. They are the top Mafia in the land – your country’s government. And so if the top guns are doing it, obviously the little guy who is starving or being psychologically enslaved is going to feel no remorse in hijacking the system in whatever way s/he can. As it says in the ancient Veda text called Bhagavad Gita – “Whatever great men do, common men follow.” The leaders teach by example in so many countries that it is ok to be devious, exploitative, criminal and corrupt – if you can make money doing it.

Values have been eroded thanks to capitalism, thanks actually to the elite central banking cabal who have hijacked capitalism…and Communism, lest we forget who really fomented the Bolshevik Revolution. The ideal of an egalitarian society will never be allowed to take root on this planet. Not anymore. Not as long as the central bankers are around running the globe. I have learned this in my latter years as I approach retirement age and feel the need to call them out. “All wars are bankers wars” is a good search phrase if you want to know more.

But I digress. The power outages in South Africa are really going to hamper growth and prosperity here in a country hovering above recession by a hair’s breadth. Of course, the recent unusual cyclone that hit Mozambique on our northern border this weekend also knocked out some power lines from the hydro-electric dam that supplies us with power, so that only adds to the dark spell. Climate change is really kicking in globally.

Nevertheless, I have bought myself a little solar panel and battery so I can keep the lights on and all that but I can’t keep the internet going with my panel as that is out of my control. So I had better get this blog to U guys Uploaded now as I feel another black spell coming on. This is no place for a trader either. Imagine trying to engage in day trading and the power suddenly shutting off in the middle of a trade. Luckily I am on the sidelines during this extended bear market and will buy back in once I see another dip in the bitcoin price back toward $3k. Am I waiting in vain? We shall have to wait and see.