Part 1: Real Value vs. Arbitrary Value – how they play on each other in our mind

I’d like to talk a bit about money, cryptocurrencies and how that affects our world, but my approach tends to be more philosophical and idealistic, so it will all take the spin on human nature and the depths of our psychology. The good stuff…

By real value I mean things like an apple. You can touch it, eat it, it’s real.

Arbitrary value is the piece of paper we call money, the abstract thing kept in our bank called account, or the even more abstract thing we call cryptocurrency. It’s just a convention, and when you’re dying of hunger, you don’t eat conventions.

Well, here’s the spectacular trick we’re all taking for granted:

The non-value can buy a lot of value.

Or, to be more politically correct, the arbitrary value buys the real value.

Right to the point – with a 1000$ bill you can buy a truckload of apples.

Crazy, right? Well, it is, because of the shift it produces in our mind, or better said, the mutation of the normal way in which we approach reality.

You invest yourself into possessing arbitrary value, so that you can use that arbitrary value to buy the real value afterwards. But human mind works in such way that the thing you invest yourself into will be eventually perceived as real value, though it isn’t.

In reverse, the real value shall be perceived as less important. I mean how much do you care about an apple when you have millions in your bank account? In that case, you only care about making more millions. You see? It’s a paradox.

So, is it crazy to believe that it is possible that while making millions, your whole reality devalues? That apple won’t taste that good anymore. You don’t savor it. You’re too much in a hurry to make more money and buy more apples that you’re never gonna eat, because you’ll just repeat the process.

I know, I know, all this rationale is such reductionist and uni-dimensional, that it’s childish, and there are many other types of things you can enjoy than an apple and consumable resources. And not all millionaires are losing touch with reality that way.

Well, I’m not advocating for staying poor, nor saying that being rich is bad. All I am saying is that a healthy thing to do while making money is to remain mindful at all times about what true value means. When you eat that apple, forget about anything else. Irrespective of what your bank account says, in that moment you’re a king!

What do you think? Am I exaggerating? Am I onto something with this? Would you like there to be a part two of this article? Let me know. I’d like to know your thoughts.